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The Glass Floats

The Glass Floats - Spring 2024 Story Collection is inspired by traditional fishing net floats made of recycled glass. Hailing from Norway, Japan and later the U.S., glass floats are highly sought after by beachcombers and antique collectors alike due to their vibrant colors and unusual story. 

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The Arts & Crafts Broderer

The Arts & Crafts Broderer - Spring 2022 Story Collection is inspired by the work of May Morris and her embroidery designs of the late-19th and early-20th centuries. “Broderer” is an English term dating back to the Middle Ages referring to a hand embroidery worker. The collection celebrates an exceptional woman who influenced and elevated decorative needlework from the domestic realm into a celebrated artform.

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The Embroiderer

The Embroiderer Story Collection Includes four colorways inspired by the embroidery traditions of the Kalotaszeg region of Romania/Transylvania and contemporary artist Sarah Pedlow. The collection celebrates the women who preserve the knowledge and practice of these craft traditions by continuing to stitch and teach the next generation.

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