The Embroiderer - Spring 2022 Story Collection
The Embroiderer - Spring 2022 Story Collection

The Embroiderer - Spring 2022 Story Collection

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The Embroiderer - Spring 2022 Story Collection includes four colorways inspired by the embroidery traditions of the Hungarian Kalotaszeg (Călata in Romanian) region of Transylvania, Romania and contemporary artist Sarah Pedlow. The collection celebrates the women who preserve the knowledge and practice of these craft traditions by continuing to stitch and teach the next generation. Read the full story here>>  

Each Story Collection includes four mini skeins of worsted weight, 100% Superwash Wool milled in the U.S. The Embroiderer Story Collection includes the following colors (top to bottom):

Dead of Night - A vibrant black with hints of emerald green, peacock blue, maroon and violet. This yarn reads as black from a distance, but up close is a kaleidoscope of color. 

Paprika - The traditional red of Kalotaszeg embroidery. A bright cherry red with pops of fuschia and dark rusty red. 

Sunburst - This canary yellow has soft coral and cantaloupe highlights and is often used as an accent color in Kalotaszeg embroidered aprons. 

Alpine Green - Inspired by the natural alpine landscape of the region, this bold base of shamrock green has cerulean blue and parrot green accents. 

Worsted weight, approx. 25 g each/45 yards (x 4 mini skeins)

100% superwash wool

4.5-5.5mm/US #7-9, 16-20 sts = 4"

Hand wash cool, air dry