A photo of 4 skeins of yarn that make up the Beekeeper collection. From top to bottom: honey harvest (yellow), rosemary flower (purple/blue), pollen (browns and yellows), and berry mead (purples and pinks)
The Beekeeper - Fall 2021 Story Collection
The Beekeeper - Fall 2021 Story Collection

The Beekeeper - Fall 2021 Story Collection

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The Beekeeper - Fall 2021 Story Collection includes four colorways representing the vibrancy of the hive and the bees journey from flower to comb. The inspiration for the collection is drawn from the life of the beehive at harvest time; celebrating traditional beekeeping practices, the gifts of the hive, and the contemporary beekeepers keeping bees according to the old ways. Read the full story here>>

Each Story Collection includes four mini skeins of worsted weight,100% superwash Wool milled in the U.S. The Beekeeper Story Collection includes the following colors:

Honey Harvest - This golden yellow evokes the height of the summer honey harvest, with golden sunlight and nectar transformed into one of the hive’s most treasured creations. 

Rosemary flower - A cool periwinkle with purple and blue tones, an expression of the rosemary flower that nourishes the bees with much needed nectar in early spring and late fall. 

Pollen - A rich combination of yellow, oranges, golds and umber representing the diverse array of pollen the bees pack into the combs to feed their young.

Berry Mead - The deep purple of perfectly plump blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries at the height of summer, alchemically turned into history’s oldest alcoholic beverage.

Worsted weight, approx. 25 g each/45 yards (x4 mini skeins)
100% superwash wool
4.5-5.5mm/US #7-9, 16-20 sts = 4"

Hand wash cool, air dry